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Wisconsin Welcome Events

The first four weeks of the semester is a key time for new students. Engaging with the campus community, getting to know other students, and developing a sense of belonging all help students start a new academic year strong.

The word “welcome” is written on a classroom chalkboard in Sterling Hall.
We can’t wait to welcome your students to campus this fall. (Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison)

That’s why UW created Wisconsin Welcome, a series of events that invite incoming freshmen and transfer students to engage, explore, and connect with campus and one another. This year, programming will take place August 28 to October 2, 2022.

The Wisconsin Welcome mobile app offers a calendar of in person and virtual events, as well as resources available to new students. Encourage your student to download the app, browse events, and participate in new experiences this fall.

The Wisconsin Welcome Guide includes:

  • “What Would Bucky Bring?” packing list
  • Residence hall move-in guides and lofting instructions
  • A comprehensive list of over 100 welcome events
  • Inclusion education learning opportunities
  • A “make your own schedule” option

You can also view events online (click on Wisconsin Welcome events on the left side to see the calendar of events) and follow #WIWelcome on social.

We can’t wait to welcome your students to campus!

Key Events

August 29 – September 1: University Housing move-in

Sept. 1: 5th Quarter Event at Camp Randall Stadium

Sept. 1: Playfair: The Ultimate Icebreaker!

Sept. 6: New Student Convocation

Sept. 7: First Day of Classes

Sept. 7: MCOR – Multicultural Celebration of Organizations and Resources

Sept 13-14: Student Organization Fair