Badger Family Forums

Badger Family Forums are virtual events that bring together a group of campus experts who answer your questions about a particular topic. Hosted by the Parent and Family Program on the first Friday of every month, topics range from health, safety, study abroad, academics, and more.

May BFF: Commencement & Continued Connection

Friday, May 5: noon–1 p.m. CT

Congratulations, graduating families! For our next monthly Badger Family Forum, the Parent and Family Program team and our campus partners are ready to answer your lingering commencement questions and share how to stay connected after graduation.

These events are streamed to the Parent and Family Program Facebook page and YouTube. If you can’t join us live, the sessions are always recorded and available for you to view any time.

Upcoming Schedule

Friday, June 2: noon–1 p.m. CT
Friday, July 7: noon–1 p.m. CT
Friday, August 4: noon–1 p.m. CT
Friday, September 1: noon-1 p.m. CT

Past Forums

Badgers Beyond Borders: Supporting Your Student’s Study Abroad Experience

April 7, 2023

Staff from the UW–Madison Parent and Family Program and International Academic Programs discussed all things study abroad and how you can support your Badgers as they live and learn around the globe. Live, professional captioning also provided.

Ask Us Anything!

March 3, 2023

Staff from the UW–Madison Parent and Family Program took questions on any topic — you could truly ask us anything! We also shared additional ways you can engage with the Badger community as parents and families. If you’re looking for an overview of UW–Madison resources, this is a great forum for you.

Belonging, Becoming, & Being

February 3, 2023

Campus experts discuss the many ways Badgers can find community, get involved, and take care of themselves. Topics include student organizations, leadership opportunities, and other opportunities outside of the classroom that make up the Wisconsin Experience.

Finishing Strong

November 10, 2022

Campus experts discuss common challenges students encounter as the semester comes to a close and what family members can do to support them. Topics include finding community, academics, and coming home for winter break. Panelists include representatives from academic advising, the Center for the First-Year Experience, University Health Services, and University Housing.

Campus Safety

October 6, 2022

A conversation with campus and city police leadership where they discuss safety on- and off-campus, the various safety resources available to students, and families’ questions about safety in general.

A Community of Care on Campus

February 2, 2022

As your students navigate the start of spring semester, they may be realizing that the support they need now looks different than it did before. Perhaps they are looking for strategies to support their mental health and well-being during these cold winter months. Maybe they are still searching for community and a sense of belonging. Or perhaps you are wondering how to recognize if your student is struggling and provide support without being overbearing.