University of Wisconsin–Madison

Keep in Touch Through the Parent and Family Program

Whether your student is going into their first or last year at UW–Madison, the Parent and Family Program is your resource. We recognize that parent and family support is critical to success during the college years and that your student will look to you as a coach and mentor. This is why UW–Madison created our office, the Parent and Family Program, your central resource for information.

A Badger family stands in front of a red photo background and smiles for the camera in a photo booth during Family Weekend 2021.
A Badger family smiles for the camera in a photo booth during Family Weekend 2021. (Photo by Bryce Richter / UW-Madison)

If you receive our program newsletters and email communications, you are already a member of the program. Additional family members may sign up to be a member on our website or by contacting us. Stay connected to information and resources through our services:

  • Our website highlights key campus information, news, frequently asked questions, and additional resources.
  • The Badger Family e-newsletter, sent five times per year, showcases key transitions for students and highlights campus resources and services, as well as advice for families.
  • We host Family Weekend in the fall, Badger Family Spring Visit in April, and additional events throughout the year. These opportunities allow your family to enjoy time with your student on campus and in the community.
  • We host and moderate the “Badger Parents and Families” Facebook group, which allows families to ask questions, share experiences, and give advice.
  • Badger Family Forums occur virtually throughout the year, and allow you to connect with campus experts and ask questions about a particular topic, like safety, finances, and study abroad.
  • Parent email notices are sent in the event of a critical campus incident to inform parents and families and offer available resources.

Connect with us and ask any question by phone, email, and social media. We understand that each student’s experience is unique. We are here to personally answer your questions and help connect you to the resources your students need. Contact us by phone (1-877-262-3977), email (, or Facebook (search: UW–Madison Parent and Family Program).