Third Year: Badger Bucket List

When we asked fourth-year students what they thought juniors should know about the senior year, we heard phrases such as, “It goes by in an instant,” “It’s been the fastest year of college,” and “Get ready, it goes by quickly.” Senior year is often a time when students are trying to connect all of their experiences while beginning to think about careers, interviews, and other post-graduation preparation. As they enter their last year of college, remind students to take advantage of all the things that make Madison meaningful to them and to create their own fourth-year must-do list. This “Badger Bucket List,” composed by current and former UW–Madison students, might be a good starting point. You may even want to partake in a few of these activities yourself!


  • Discover secret study spots, such as the Wisconsin Historical Society and the 13th Floor of the Educational Sciences Building.
  • Attend office hours and form relationships with your professors.
  • Get involved with research on campus.
  • Find a volunteer opportunity through the Morgridge Center for Public Service.


  • Attend the Spring Varsity Band Concert.
  • Visit campus museums, such as Geology or Physics, or the Chazen Museum of Art.
  • Go to a student art event, such as an a cappella, orchestra, or dance performance.
  • Stargaze with the Department of Astronomy at the Washburn Observatory.


  • Go to a sporting event you’ve never attended, such as a rowing event on Lake Mendota.
  • Participate in Jump Around and the Fifth Quarter at a football game.
  • Commit to running Crazylegs with a group of friends.

Community Engagement

Food and Dining

  • Try a new food cart.
  • Eat a Slow Food Cafe lunch or family dinner.
  • Enjoy Babcock ice cream at the Terrace.
  • Experience Madison’s unique restaurants during Restaurant Week.

Student Life

  • Get your photo taken with Bucky.
  • Spend a summer in Madison.
  • Head to the top floor of Van Hise Hall and take in the view.
  • Nap on Bascom Hill.
  • Go sledding on Observatory Hill.
  • Walk to the end of Picnic Point.
  • Explore the ArboretumAllen Centennial GardenOlbrich Gardens, or other natural areas.