University of Wisconsin–Madison

Stay in the Know: Online Resources from Around Campus

UW–Madison can feel like a big place. The Parent and Family Program wants to keep you connected to resources that you can use to point your students in the right direction as they navigate academic and out-of-classroom life. With the fall semester in full swing, we’ve compiled a centralized list of campus resources that may be of relevance for you and your students. If you have questions or need additional information, the Parent and Family Program team is here to help. No question is too big or too small. 

Note: Resources are also available for Spanish-speaking and Chinese-speaking parents and family members.


The university offers extensive resources to meet the academic needs of students.

Student Health and Safety

University Health Services (UHS) serves as the student health center on campus, providing medical treatment, wellness services, violence prevention, and more. The university also offers a nighttime safety program and has its own police department. In addition, students can take advantage of UW–Madison’s recreational sports and fitness programs. 

Finances and Jobs

Information about the cost of attending UW–Madison, as well as details about scholarships, grants, loans, and employment options can be found at the links below. Many part-time jobs are available in the community and around campus, including at University Housing’s residence halls and dining facilities, which employ some 2,000 students.


About 90 percent of new freshmen live in University Residence Halls. Some students choose to live off campus—where listings and locations greatly vary.

Student Activities and Involvement

Many UW–Madison students participate in student organizations and volunteer in the community. In addition, the Wisconsin Union is a hub for student activities.

Visiting Campus

The Campus and Visitor Relations office serves as the UW’s central source of information and is a good starting point for exploring the campus.

Campus News

In addition to this newsletter, the campus offers many sources for news about what is going on at UW–Madison, including:

— Toni Good, Editor, University Marketing