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Campus Safety

photo of SAFEwalk staff escorting an undergraduate student to his destination.

The university has always viewed safety as a shared partnership among students, faculty and staff, campus police, and the city of Madison. As we continue to provide information about safety, it’s helpful to discuss personal safety with your student.

UW–Madison is a “city within a city” that faces many of the same crime and safety concerns as similar-sized communities. Although the campus has experienced its lowest crime rate in 37 years, and the city of Madison is rated as the fourth safest in the country, a recent string of robberies, burglaries, and assaults has increased concern among students and parents. University officials are very concerned about these crimes and working hard to respond from policing, crime prevention, and communications perspectives.

Most of these recent incidents have taken place near campus, have involved multiple suspects, and, in some cases, the victims have been students. It is unknown whether some or all of the incidents are linked.

In response to these incidents, campus and city police have increased bicycle, foot, and motorcycle patrols, along with frequent door-to-door contacts on Regent Street and Breese Terrace and other targeted areas. Officers are staffing extra patrols. Security officers have also been watching for suspicious behavior.

The university uses multiple channels for communicating about safety. Your students have received WiscAlerts, timely warning e-mails, and e-mail messages from Dean of Students Lori Berquam. Important messages have also been communicated on social media sites, the university’s home page and news page, and the university’s safety site. Please encourage your student to subscribe to WiscAlerts if he or she hasn’t already done so.

Everyone has a part to play in campus safety. Here are tips you can share with your student:

In the interest of maintaining the speed and accuracy of the message delivery process, WiscAlerts are limited to students, faculty, and staff of the UW–Madison community. Below are the ways parents can stay connected to campus safety information: